Traditional & Boneless Chicken Wings

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Pizza Hut Traditional & Bone-Out Chicken Wings

  • Honey BBQ Chicken Wings

    Honey BBQ Chicken Wings

    Tangy, tasty and sweet, it's a BBQ flavor that's totally the bee's knees.
  • Garlic Parmesan Chicken Wings

    Garlic Parmesan Chicken Wings

    Awesome Italian flavor that makes vampires wince and taste buds rejoice.
  • Buffalo Burnin' Hot Chicken Wings

    Buffalo Burnin' Hot Chicken Wings

    Mouthwateringly delicious Buffalo flavor with a lip-numbingly spicy burn.
  • Hawaiian Teriyaki Chicken Wings

    Hawaiian Teriyaki Chicken Wings

    Alohamazing island flavors with a Far East flourish. Lei not included.
  • Spicy Garlic Chicken Wings

    Spicy Garlic Chicken Wings

    Garlicky goodness meets tongue-tickling heat. Kiss with caution.
  • Cajun Style Dry Rub Chicken Wings

    Cajun Style Dry Rub Chicken Wings

    A little burn on the bayou, anyone? Give those wings a creole kick.
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Looking for mouthwatering wings delivered to your front door that are fried, and not oven-dried? Order Pizza Hut's Traditional or Boneless chicken wings that are tossed in one of our must-try flavorful sauces and delivered hot directly to you! Whether you are looking for Hot Wings, BBQ Wings, or plain wings, we have you covered with any of our delish sauce recipes. Choose from Smoky Siracha, Honey BBQ, Buffalo Mild, Buffalo Medium, Buffalo Burnin' Hot, Garlic Parmesean, Hawaiian Teriyaki, Spicy Garlic, Lemon Pepper Dry Rub, Cajun Style Dry Rub or naked. Add one of our signature dipping sauces (Blue Cheese, Ranch, Honey BBQ, Marninara, Buffalo Medium, & Garlic) and tasty straight-cut, lemon-peppered, or Cajun seasonsed fries to complete your meal! Order Traditional or Boneless wings from your local Pizza Hut at 1110 N Chalkville Rd either online at or call (205) 655-3676 to place your order today!